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Dates to take note of !!!

- Sunday, October 14th, 2018. MONTHLY ONVC GENERAL MEMBERS MEETING. Monthly meeting for ONVC Members only, held on the Club's "Nautical Deck" and will be the first post summer meeting with the Club's new Executive. This is your opportunity as a Member to catch up on Club business and/or to bring up new business. Time of meeting is 1330 hours. ***** No Meat Roll by order of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) ***** For further information contact the Club or the ONVC Executive.

- Saturday, July 21st, 2018. NAVY CLUB STEAK BBQ AND WASHER TOSS TOURNAMENT. All welcome for a fun filled afternoon/evening. $15 per person, please sign up before July 17th in the Pat Chappell Mess. Hope to see everyone there!

Items Below are Permanent within the ONVC

- You can also visit the Oshawa Naval Veterans Club's calendar(s) of events. CLICK HERE to enter calendar(s).

- GENERAL MEMBER MEETINGS are held every month on the 2nd Sunday of that month at 1330 hours. Exceptions for the summer months and at the Executive discretion.

- The O.N.V.C. House League Darts, every Thursday, all are welcome with any skill level. Sign up at 1930 hours with darts to begin at 2000 hours (September to May). $4.00 per person.

- The O.N.V.C. House League Darts, every Tuesday afternoon, all are welcome with any skill level (September to May).

- O.N.V.C. Progressive Euchre, every Tuesday. All are welcome! Start time is 7:30 PM.

- O.N.V.C. Nautical Deck Euchre, 2nd Monday of every month. All are welcome! Start time is 7:30 PM.

- O.N.V.C. Friday Evening BBQs (BBQs are now held only once per month, you may also contact the Club for details). The BBQs are Family Friendly, all are welcome, moms, dads, kids, friends, etc... Bring them all down to the Club! Every Friday till it gets to cold! Volunteers needed, see Bulletin Board on the website or contact Rod Ayre for details (May till it gets too cold!). Thank you.

ONVC Upcoming Club Events
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