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Roddy Lessard

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The ONVC has purchased new televisions for the Clubroom. A Samsung 55" flat screen LCD 1080 TV will replace the old 46" projection TV by the Snooker table and a Samsung 32" flat screen LCD 720 TV will replace the old 19"/20" TV that is over the bar. The new TVs have been purchased from Sears and will be picked up on or before January 27th, 2011. Our budget to purchase the new TVs was $2,250.80, the total cost including taxes and the McGuinty Econo Taxes was $1,793.60. The remaining $457.20 will be deposited into the Club's Current Account and additional cost for incidentals such as wallmounts, HDMI cable, etc... will be taken from the $457.20. All should be ready in time for the Superbowl Party. Sandy and Colin's donation of the 46" HD ready TV will remain in the same spot at the Club, everyone seems to like it there as it can be moved easily as it is on wheels. We will also contact Rogers to have the necessary upgrade for HDTV.


JUNE 2010

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your support in being elected as your Treasurer for the 2010-2012 term. During this time, I will make every effort possible to make our great Club fiscally responsible and to be open with all Members regarding financial matters of your Club. For those who know me, you know that I am very open and to the point when it comes to Club finances, for those who do not know me, I have been a proud member of the ONVC for the last 13 years and frequent the Club quite regularly for a cold drink from time to time. My door is always open (unless I have locked it!) should you have any questions or concerns. Some matters I may be able to handle right away, some not, if so, I will always provide my reasons why. Anyway, that is it for now, hoping to see you at the Club, of which I think I will go now! Feel free to buy me a drink!

As Webmaster, I pledge that I will keep our website up to date, make sure that we are out in the Facebook and Twitter world and e-mail notices when deemed necessary to our ditribution list, all of this in conjunction to my above efforts in keeping cost down to little as possible, so far, cyberspace has cost the Club $0.00 since 2002.


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