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Below is a letter that the ONVC received requesting some information. If anyone could provide additional information regarding the below, please let us know and we can forward the information. Thank you.

"Dear Sir/members,

I write to you from Whitby, Ontario, Canada in regards to the above stated ship which I have been searching for, for some time now.

My late grandfather, Garnet Edward Fagan served upon this converted yatch then named the H.M.C.S HUSKY during most of his WW11 Canadian Navy career (service #V72433). He commenced as a regular seaman, stoker 1st class and departed upon war ending as a naval motor mechanic. Sadly he passed due to failed health and heart issues 25th May 1997. My own father passed Jan/1976 so my grandfather was of huge influence and importance to mine and my childrens live's. After a history background and collection I have created a tribute to him and his Navy time served as I was fortunate to receive his wartime medals. I have attached a photo of this tribute as well as some then Husky photo's during wartime. I now after a lengthy exciting internet search have located this vessel in a sad state after damage from hurricane katrina in bad repair but do intend to pay a visit in hopes of finding a cracious and receptive host to assist with a tour, especially the belly engine room areas where I hope to find some hint of my grandfather ...perhaps scratched into paint possibly, a neat thought or story if nothing else.

Now during the time of the Port's ownership....I am to understand it was Capt John A. Rucker that sailed her between the years of 1944-1966, I am most curious to know if this gentleman is still alive and if so, I would be most excited to make contact with this gentleman and or family and hoping that you might forward my intentions/story. I am wishing and hoping to find and obtain artifacts or items which the Port or Board may have in their stored possession which I would be happy to be a proud owner of...and happy to compensate for said pieces. This journey of my grandfather's history has been an emotional and exciting ride....and finding this ship today through the net and talking with people from far and wide has made it a more exciting one. The "Good Neighbor" tradition has been just that, this guy north of the border in Canada has made some great contacts and has also been encouraged during my search from people in many places, while also obtaining further information and photo's.

Closing, I hope to soon pay a visit to New Orleans and hope to reach the "Good Neighbor/Husky", as well as enjoy it's food , culture, music and southern hospitality. I only hope that the current owners find ways and means to revive the ship from it's current state and make it a "Palace" and trophy piece it once was. Thank-you for taking a few moments to read this note and I would be most happy to hear from you in return.


Edward Garnet Simms"
HMCS Husky

HMCS Husky

HMCS Husky

HMCS Husky
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