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- these are comments received through the Oshawa Naval Veterans Club website.

- Sunday, May 4th, 2014. The Club would like to thank everyone who volunteered, participated and/or attended our Annual Battle of the Atlantic Dinner, Parade and Ceremonies. Without you all, this event could not happen. Bravo Zulu to all! Thank you. (ONVC Executive May 4th, 2014)

- Thursday Night Fun League Dart Players. A huge "Thank You" on behalf of the Oshawa Navy Club executive and members is extended to the members of the Fun League, who have again shared some of their fun among members and non-members alike. The Thursday night fun darts started in 1997 and has grown strong and hopefully will for years to come. And especially "Thank you" for your kind donation to the Club again this year. ...... Bravo Zulu! (Bill, Les, Larry, April 26th, 2014)

- anonymous, just visiting. (anonymous, August 19th, 2013)

- Steve Rowland (Steve Rowland, June 29th, 2013)

- Wondering what ship came to the Oshawa harbour in August 1965. (anonymous, April 27th, 2013)

- Steve Rowland. (Steve Rowland, February 10th, 2013)

- anonymous, just visiting. (anonymous, October 20th, 2012)

- "The Navy League Cadet Corps Oshawa (NLCC Hawkins) now has a web site, could you please change your link for the National Web site to ours Thank you." (Navy League Cadet Corps Oshawa (NLCC Hawkins), October 11th, 2012) The "Links of Interest" page has been updated as well as the drop down menu on our Main Page. (The Oshawa Naval Veterans' Club)

- Our last Padre for the Oshawa Navy Club, Reverend Richard Miller was installed today as an Honorary Canon of St James Cathedral. Richard was always on hand for the club when ever called upon and I am sure the Members would be interested in learning this. While he and his wife and family lived in Oshawa, he was at St. Matthews Anglican Church on Wilson Road. (Florence Tillson, September 16th, 2012)

- Steve Rowland (Steve Rowland, August 21st, 2012)

- The Oshawa Naval Veterans' Club recently received a letter from someone requesting information regarding a WWII converted yacht, the HMCS Husky. If you believe you can help with providing information regarding the HMCS Husky, please click here and have a read of his letter and view some pictures. Thank you. (The Oshawa Naval Veterans' Club, April 25th, 2012)

- It is with great sadness that the residents and staff of the Centennial Retirement Residence mourn the loss of a great friend to his table mates Arnold and Teresa Davidson, who are veterans also and to us who worked closely with Bill when he organized his bands to come in to play for our residents. I did not realize that we had an honest to goodness "Rock Star" in our retirement community until he call Centennial his home and I listened with amazement and respect for a man who did and has done a lot for Oshawa and its music....wonderful stories where told to me of his life here on earth...God speed my are now leading the choirs in Heaven with your Euphonium! (Colleen Taylor - Marketing Manager of Centennial Retirement Residence, March 31st, 2012)

- Laine Klass (Laine Klass, March 7th, 2012)

- Do you know Harold Douglas Fraser! Click here to view a picture of Harold and his H.M.C.S. Oshawa 174 buddies. (ONVC and Christopher Fraser, September 22nd, 2011)

- The Oshawa Naval Veterans Club would like to thank Senior Chief Petty Officer USN Bill Thompson as the guest speaker for the ONVC's 2011 Battle of the Atlantic Dinner as well as Petty Officer 2nd Class USN Jennifer Thompson for attending this event. The Oshawa Naval Veterans Club also thanks Regional and City Councillors Bob Chapman and Tito-Dante Marimpietri, City Councillor Bruce Wood and our Padre for their participation and attendance for this important annual event. Attendance by all was and is sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
(the Oshawa Naval Veterans Club, May 3rd, 2011)

- Please CLICK HERE! To view information from Michael J. Smith regarding the restoration of the RCN. (Michael J. Smith, December 17th, 2010)

- Please CLICK HERE! To view information from Bob D'Aoust regarding Canadian sailors that served with the Canadian Navy that made the Ultimate Sacrifice in WW2. (Bob D'Aoust, December 15th, 2010)

- "Hi, just back from the club and the final meeting of the 100th anniversary. In today's mail is a letter with some info on a " Veterans Card." This is a plastic record of service card ND175, and is available to all retired military personal of the Canadian Forces, Regular and reserve Components. This card is valid to enter all federal government historic sites and in Europe as well. It is essential to book free passage on Via Rail in July and other transportation agencies or companies for passage. To obtain your ND175 you need to write to the address below, They will send you a form to complete which you will have to return with two pictures of yourself. The procedure takes 6 to 8 weeks, apply now.

DMCA 4-2-2-4-3-2
National Defence Headquarters,
MGen George R. Pearks Building,
101 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa, ON.
K1A 0K2

(Florence Tillson, April 22nd, 2010)

- Ex Rad Sea wishing all who served a Merry Christmas. Sailed on the Restigouche. Guess the old girl is a reef now. Take care all. (Greg Layton, December 15th, 2009)

- Ex-Stoker HMCS Terra Nova 1984-1987. If you are an ex-shipmate drop me a line. Also looking for cap tallies to trade, or buy/sell. If you have any please get in touch. Thx. (Jim Gillespie, August 13th, 2009)

- Frederick Newhouse, who served on the Oshawa during WWII as a wireless telegrapher....he extends his greetings. He is wondering if there are any shipmates around? Contact my son Randy via e-mail at (Frederick Newhouse, March 14th, 2009)

- Kirsten Elder (Kirsten Elder, October 28th, 2008)

- Pam Kehoe.905-243-6733 (Pam Kehoe, October 10th, 2008)

- RCNA AGM (anonymous, September 15th, 2008)

- I would just like to offer thanks to the Oshawa Navy Club and all members who assisted with the funeral of my grandfather, Herbert A. Maynard, in February. On behalf of the Maynard family, thank you! (Michael L. Maynard, April 3rd, 2008)

- Please contact the club at (905) 723-0871 for details regarding the Oshawa Navy Club Golf Tournament on June 9th, 2007. (O.N.V.C., April 5th, 2007)

- Sunday May 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st, 2007. "SAILOR'S HOMECOMING", 53rd Annual RCNA Reunion, Digby Nova Scotia, Hosted by Admiral Desmond Piers Naval Association, G.W. "Jerry" Sigrist, Registration Chairman, Admiral Desmond Piers Naval Association, 450 LaHave Street, Unit 17, Suite 121, Bridgewater NS, B4V 4A3. Telephone (902) 624-9556, facsimile (902) 624-0332, cellular (902) 521-1403. E-mail: Website: Click here! (Admiral Desmond Piers Naval Association, April 4th, 2007)

- Map. (anonymous, March 2nd, 2007)

- Well deserved...for Veterans. (anonymous, January 11th, 2007)

- I am posting this information to encourage you to sign an online petition calling on the Prime Minister to offer a State Funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada. Only three Canadian veterans of the First World War remain. They are 106 and 105 years of age. To sign the online petition visit For more information on the campaign for a State Funeral for the last Great War veteran visit Please forward this message on to friends and family! (Roddy Lessard, November 9th, 2006)

- anonymous, just visiting. (anonymous, October 8th, 2006)

- I,m trying to locate Ted Franklin --served in R.C.N. with him in the 50s. Ted worked in security at the G.M. plent & retired a while ogo, so his cousin told me. If anyone at the club knows him please have him get in touch with me at THANKS A BUNCH ED FOY (Ed Foy, September 21st, 2006)

- I'm trying to locate Ted Franklin. Talked to his cousin in July. No answer on phone. or at sisters. Ted worked at the G.M. plant in security. If anyone knows him, please have him get in touch with me-- ED FOY-- AT Thanks a bunch. (Ed Foy, September 21st, 2006)


- Served RCN 53/58 Anyone knowing whereabouts of Ted {ben} Franklin RCN Band 1955 --- please forward my E-mail ( add to him . Great site Thanks ED. (Ed Foy, June 24th, 2006)

- I am looking for some information on the HMCS Oshawa. When was this ship dismantled or was it? If so , what happened to the bell and dedication plaque. Dont these things go to the captain and first mate? Please advise if anybody knows. (Ken Butt -, June 14th, 2006)

- Catherine reception....on or around Sept. 30, 2006 (Catherine Franklin, June 6th, 2006)

- Please CLICK HERE and look up April 29th, 2006 for a worth while cause for the JOAN BLAY Fundraiser. (Oshawa Naval Veterans Club, April 7th, 2006)

- Excellent site BZ to all. P.S. I'm on the "Know it all List". (Lenny McNevin, April 6th, 2006)

- anonymous, just visiting. (anonymous, March 5th, 2006)

- Impressive site. Keep up the fine work Des. (J.S. Askew Sub/Lt. CD, February 19th, 2006)

- The 52nd Annual R.C.N.A. Reunion is coming soon in May 2006. CLICK HERE for more information, thank you. (Oshawa Naval Veterans Club, February 15th, 2006)

- anonymous, just visiting. (anonymous, February 1st, 2006)

- Erin, just visiting. (Erin, January 9th, 2006)

- A TRUE Impregnable shipmate. (anonymous, October 30th, 2005)

- Any vets from the HMCS Oshawa itself. My grandfather served it's full 18 month tour. Please advise. My name: Leigh Clarke, his name: Yvon Fournier. (Leigh Clarke, October 29th, 2005)

- Wonderful Site! I am very proud of my Nanny and Grandad: Joy and Desmond Steel. (a grandchild, July 13th, 2005)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, May 25th, 2005)

- The TRUE HMS Impregnable Association. (anonymous, May 20th, 2005)

- RCN Tribal Return Home June 10 1945 serving with British 10th flotilla in which 35 enemy ships were sunk in a 5 month period in 1944-5. (anonymous, May 12th, 2005)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, May 12th, 2005)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, May 12th, 2005)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, March 9th, 2005)

- Angie (Angie, March 2nd, 2005)

- Hi! (anonymous, February 9th, 2005)

- Hi Ted, I wanted to send a message to you and somehow I got it posted on the main page. Help!! (anonymous, December 10th, 2004)

- kiana morrison 631-395-6152. (Kiana Morrison, November 20th, 2004)

- Great web site. Congrats to the organizer. Dues are in the mail. (Andy Noseworthy, November 19th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, November 19th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, November 4th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, November 4th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, September 30th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, September 12th, 2004)

- Kristen. (September 7th, 2004)

- This is a reply for the person(s) who requested information on July 28th regarding the cost of joining the club. Unfortunately there is no special fees for couples, the annual fees for Active and Associate Members are $35 and Social Members are $40. Please click on the "Membership Information" link on the Main Page of this site for details to join, thank you. (Oshawa Naval Veterans Club, August 6th, 2004)

- Michelle. (August 2nd, 2004)

- Michelle. (August 2nd, 2004)

- We'd like to know what the membership fees are for a couple? *** This has been sent to the club executive, will post reply once received. *** (anonymous, July 28th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, July 28th, 2004)

- I watched your wallpaper for the first time and was disapointed , maybe because I was hoping to see pictures of our Naval sites and ships especially of the past such as the Restigoushe and so on and also the newer ones. The ones that you have are outstanding and want to compliment whoever did them. Thanks for letting me see them. (anonymous, July 21st, 2004)
- I would like to apologize for the delay, but we now have some Canadian naval ship images to use as wallpaper or to view, we even located some images of the "Restigouche". Thank you for the feedback. (webmaster, January 29th, 2005)

- Melody Pach, 905-655-3626. (Melody Pach, January 5th, 2004)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, January 5th, 2004)

- Halifax Stokers. (anonymous, November 30th, 2003)

- The entire members of the HMS Impregnable Association send their very best wishes in connection with your next reunion as advertised. The ex boy seaman from the "Impreg" will also be holding their annual reunion in May 2004 at Stratford upon Avon - In the Moat House Hotel - if you are over here and having a tour why not come and see us - who knows you may meet up with an old chum. (HMS Impregnable Association, October 25th, 2003)

- Go Red Sox !!! (anonymous, October 2nd, 2003)

- Hamilton Naval Association. (anonymous, August 25th, 2003)

- Hamilton Naval Association. (anonymous, August 25th, 2003)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, June 16th, 2003)

- May I take this opportunity to thank the Oshawa Navy Vets for showing my Husband and I (Shirley) from the Burloak Navy Vets and our friends from the Havelock Legion a wonderful afternoon of fun and enjoyment. We were made to feel very welcome by Vice President Bob on our arrival and thoroughly enjoyed the Ham and Turkey roll. Also our thanks to the ladies who put on the lunch. It was very much appreciated by all of us. Thank you once again and we do hope to drop into your club again some time in the near future. We will also be looking forward to RCNA Reunion in 2004. Thanks again. (Art & Shirley Burchat, Bill & Cheryl Lazenby, Bert Hunt & Phyllis, April 14th, 2003)

- Thanks to Ken L. for his input. Input likes Ken's keeps the site updated. (Roddy L., April 4th, 2003)

- Navy Cadets. (anonymous, March 11th, 2003)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, November 6th, 2002)

- You have a great web site, very professionally done with lots of
good information and links. I really enjoy visiting your site. Congratulations on a fine job and a credit to the service. (Allan A. Hick, RCNA, London, October 18th, 2002)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, October 18th, 2002)

- R.C.N.A. 49th Reunion. (anonymous, September 22nd, 2002)

- no message, just visiting. (anonymous, September 10th, 2002)

- Wish more Clubs had this information, it is excellent. Dorothy Hickey, London RCNA (Dorothy Hickey, July 31st, 2002)

- I hope you get more comments and I'm sending this one just to say
hello and let you know that I enjoy seeing what is going on at the club (anonymous, July 29th, 2002)

- John Emrick, "Under The Cat" (John Emrick, July 22nd, 2002)

- What a great site. Will make a point to stop in next time I am in
Oshawa.. (anonymous, July 22nd, 2002)

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