Oshawa Navy Club Challenge/Trivia

Test your Club knowledge. The Quiz is multiple choice and has 30 questions. You must have 30 correct answers in a row to complete the quiz, should you answer incorrectly, you will have to start over. If you succesfully complete the quiz, you will be asked to enter your name and we will post it on a page of "Know it All" shipmates.

PLEASE NOTE, even though the Quiz is multiple choice, it may still prove to be quite difficult to complete. Answers may or may not be found throughout the Navy Club website, but all answers are at the Club somewhere! We have tested the quiz with a 12 year old male, it took him 54 minutes to complete. Have fun and Good Luck!

To choose your answer, just click on your guess. Use the drop down menu below to start the Quiz and remember, our badge is your friend. (The information within the quiz is as of 2006. Some information has changed, but very little)

(Please note, if you have a POP UP blocker enabled, you will have to disable it temporarily to take the quiz.)

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The "Know it All" Shipmate List

Navy Club Challenge
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